Is it a new Cold War?

The Khmer Times, 15 September 2017 The recent closure of some local media and the arrest of the head of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), Kem Sokha, have stirred the dynamics of domestic politics as well as geopolitics. Cambodian issues have become internationalised. Without a proper strategy and smart diplomacy, Cambodia will again … Continue reading Is it a new Cold War?


The Government’s Views on Kem Sokha’s Case

The Khmer Times, 12 Sept 2017 The recent political development in Cambodia has caught remarkable international attention. The government has taken all measures to prove that the arrest of Kem Sokha is constitutional, in accordance with the rule of law. "If we could not prevent Kem Sokha on time, then the whole country could be … Continue reading The Government’s Views on Kem Sokha’s Case

Asean, South Korea to strengthen their ties

The Khmer Times, 4 September 2017 The Asean-South Korea relationship has dynamically evolved over the past three decades, moving from a sectoral dialogue in 1989 to full dialogue in 1991 and strategic partnership in 2010. Bilateral trade volume reached $119.3 billion in 2016. Vietnam and Singapore are the two major trading partners of South Korea. … Continue reading Asean, South Korea to strengthen their ties

South Korea needs Asean in its strategy on North Korea

The Khmer Times, 30 August 2017 Asean does matter in South Korea’s strategy on North Korea, given Asean can enable a conductive environment for dialogue, trust building and conflict prevention. North Korea is the member of the Asean Regional Forum (ARF) – the only regional mechanism that North Korea is part of. Asean has certain … Continue reading South Korea needs Asean in its strategy on North Korea

New Momentum in Cambodia-Japan Ties

The Khmer Times, 14 August 2017 Japan is an old friend of Cambodia. The bilateral relations have been continuously enhanced, particularly after the end of the Cold War. Strategic convergence, political trust and the personal friendship between the two leaders are instrumental in advancing the ties. Since the signing of a strategic partnership agreement in … Continue reading New Momentum in Cambodia-Japan Ties