Cambodia Rejects Paying “Dirty Debt” to US

Aljazeera, 21 March 2017  The United States has renewed its demand for Cambodia to repay a war debt of $500m amid President Donald Trump's push to improve the state budget. Such a demand has met with an outcry from Cambodian political leaders and their people, who have consistently called the debt "dirty" and "blood-stained". Clearly, the memory of the United States' … Continue reading Cambodia Rejects Paying “Dirty Debt” to US

Making an Inclusive Cambodia

The Khmer Times, 23 February 2017 Cambodia is regarded as one of the most successful post-conflict developing countries – transforming from a war-torn country to a liberal market economy with a high degree of economic openness and high economic performance. In 2016, Cambodia’s total export volume was $9.2 billion – accounting for 46.3 percent … Continue reading Making an Inclusive Cambodia

The rise of world-wide populism

The Khmer Times, 20 February 2017  Populism, a highly contested and controversial term, has become the buzzword in contemporary politics. It is generally understood as the rhetoric that aims to challenge and change the status quo. Populism normally associates with nationalism, criticism against foreign influence, xenophobia and anti-system rhetoric. Populist policy, however, does not … Continue reading The rise of world-wide populism

No Real Winner in Political Strife

Insideasean, 13 February 2017  ( After prolonged political tension embedded with strategic twists and turns, Cambodia is on the verge of political turmoil. Unless political reconciliation is back on track, it will be an opportunity loss for Cambodia to catch up with other ASEAN member countries. Trust deficit between the main political parties -- the … Continue reading No Real Winner in Political Strife