Towards Asean-Australia Special Summit

The Khmer Times, 8 March 218 The leaders from Asean will be in Sydney this month to attend the special summit with Australia, which is scheduled from March 16 to 18. A series of events will be organised on the sidelines of this historical summit. Business community, academia, and emerging leaders will gather in Sydney … Continue reading Towards Asean-Australia Special Summit


Addressing Ageing in ASEAN

The Khmer Times, 28 February 2018 In the face of a rapidly ageing population, Asean needs to further promote dialogue and knowledge sharing on the issue and develop common pathways that support effective and productive participation in old age, writes Chheang Vannarith. A fast ageing population is emerging as one of the key social and … Continue reading Addressing Ageing in ASEAN

Cambodia’s Response to Reactions from the West

The Khmer Times, 21 February 2018 Last week, the Cambodian government issued two policy papers to defend the acts against the opposition party, explain the democratic evolution in the country and accuse major power’s involvement in orchestrating the so-called “colour revolution” in Cambodia. The US and the EU have taken a gradual approach to put … Continue reading Cambodia’s Response to Reactions from the West

Singapore Building Bridges Between ASEAN and China

The Khmer Times, 6 February 2018 Strategic competition between major powers, particularly between China and the US, is poised to heighten from this year onward. The geo-strategic balance of power is shifting. International issues and actors are getting more complex and multi-dimensional. Amidst such rising uncertainty and complexity, Singapore, similar to other Southeast Asian countries, … Continue reading Singapore Building Bridges Between ASEAN and China

Cambodia and Japan Relations After 65 Years

The Khmer Times, 2 February 2018 This year marks the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and Japan. Both countries plan to organise a series of events to commemorate their time-honoured friendship and partnership. Japan’s ambassador, Hidehisa Horinouchi, said in his popular 60 seconds Facebook post: “I sincerely hope that relations between Japanese and … Continue reading Cambodia and Japan Relations After 65 Years

Cambodia Reasserts a Neutral Foreign Policy

The Khmer Times, 24 January 2018 How can a small state like Cambodia navigate through the increasingly complex and uncertain geopolitical landscape in the Asia Pacific region? This question has occupied the centre stage of Cambodia’s foreign policy design for many years. Last week, Prime Minister Hun Sen reaffirmed Cambodia’s foreign policy principle of neutrality … Continue reading Cambodia Reasserts a Neutral Foreign Policy