The Future for Cambodia

The Khmer Times, 26 December 2016 For the global community, 2016 was the unthinkable year. Brexit and Donald Trump’s election victory have been shaking the world’s systems and order. Terrorism has haunted many parts of the world. No country is immune to terrorist threats. The world is going through a phase of populist nationalism, protectionism … Continue reading The Future for Cambodia

Cambodia and Thai Crisis

Khmer Times, Thursday, 29 May 2014; News by Chheang Vannarith Thailand, the land of smiles, has fallen into crisis since the military coup in 2006. The political upheaval led to a weakened economy and fractured society. The 12th military coup since 1932 on May 22 led by Army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha worsened the situation. … Continue reading Cambodia and Thai Crisis

The Making of Cambodia’s Foreign Policy

Khmer Times, 22 May 2014 Within the context of increasing regional tensions and unpredictability, Cambodia’s foreign policy becomes more essential. It even determines the future development of the country. Without having a right decision and direction in foreign policy making, it risks becoming a pawn of geopolitical game between major powers. History informs us that … Continue reading The Making of Cambodia’s Foreign Policy

Reform: The Future of Cambodia

Khmer Times, Wednesday, 14 May 2014; News by Khmer Times/Vannarith Chheang Economic performance in Cambodia over the last decade has been remarkable with an average annual growth rate of about 8 percent. However, there are uncertainties and unpredictability in the post-2013 election political crisis and the economic implications of which are still looming. Political polarisation … Continue reading Reform: The Future of Cambodia

Cambodia Rethinks

Pressures for Reforms Cambodia has enjoyed a relatively high economic performance with an annual GDP growth rate of about 8 per cent over the last decade. Market liberalisation, economic openness, regional integration, as well as domestic macroeconomic and political stability are the key drivers for success. The country scored 58.5 on the Economic Freedom Index … Continue reading Cambodia Rethinks

CNRP: 8 points policy

1. An individual 65 years of age and older would receive monthly assistance of 40,000 riels 2. A worker's minimum monthly wage would be 600,000 riels 3. A functionary's minimum monthly salary would be one million riels 4. A farmer would be guaranteed to receive at least 1,000 riels per kilogram of rice 5. Poor … Continue reading CNRP: 8 points policy

CPP: 11 points policy

11 Points of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) Policies To continue the reconstruction safeguard of the nation from 2008-2013, the Cambodian People’s Party has defined the following political points: 1.Develop the 7 January eternal achievements; strengthen the great national solidarity under the united umbrella of the Constitution without any distinction of politics, background, gender, nationality, … Continue reading CPP: 11 points policy

Cambodia 2030: Areas of Focus

Rising living standards will require an array of measures including, most importantly, investment in urban infrastructure, rural irrigation systems, alternative energy sources, and in technology capabilities aimed at raising agricultural productivity. Foreign assistance can contribute to the long-term financing for lumpy investment in infrastructure of all kinds and in building technical capabilities. To sustain the … Continue reading Cambodia 2030: Areas of Focus