In pursuit of paradigm shift in development

Khmer Times, 26 October 2018 Chulalongkorn University was chosen as the venue for the recent Bangkok Forum 2018 to position Thailand, the next Asean chair, as a knowledge hub in Asia that contributes to the production of holistic knowledge on sustainable development. Chheang Vannarith writes this is urgently needed to transform the region’s seemingly non-people … Continue reading In pursuit of paradigm shift in development

Mekong water security sets off alarm bells

The Khmer Times, 14 August 2018 Water resource security – which involves the sustainable use and protection of water systems, the mitigation against floods and droughts, and the sustainable development of water resources – is one of the emerging key regional issues in Southeast Asia. The Mekong River, running across six countries, provides critical resources … Continue reading Mekong water security sets off alarm bells

Cambodia’s economic outlook

The Khmer Times, July 13, 2018 Complex domestic politics and geopolitics aside, Cambodia’s economic outlook remains robust and vibrant. Over the past two decades, Cambodia’s growth rate has been slightly over 7 per cent. Remarkably, in 2016, Cambodia graduated from its status as a least developed country and became a lower-middle-income country. The trend continues … Continue reading Cambodia’s economic outlook

Economic Pragmatism in Cambodia’s Foreign Policy

The Khmer Times, July 16, 2018 Cambodia’s foreign policy strategy has been chiefly shaped and driven by “economic pragmatism,” meaning the alignment of foreign policy with economic development interests, in which there are two main approaches: transforming the international environment into a source of national development and diversifying strategic partnerships based on the calculation of … Continue reading Economic Pragmatism in Cambodia’s Foreign Policy

ACMECS and CLMV Need Reform

The Khmer Times, 13 June 2018 Open regionalism remains on track in the Mekong region although there is an anti-globalisation wave and rising protectionism in other parts of the world. Regional integration has been and will be one of the main foreign policy objectives of the Mekong countries. The 8th ACMECS (Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation … Continue reading ACMECS and CLMV Need Reform