ACMECS and CLMV Need Reform

The Khmer Times, 13 June 2018 Open regionalism remains on track in the Mekong region although there is an anti-globalisation wave and rising protectionism in other parts of the world. Regional integration has been and will be one of the main foreign policy objectives of the Mekong countries. The 8th ACMECS (Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation … Continue reading ACMECS and CLMV Need Reform

Maritime Security: Cambodia’s Take

Khmer Times, 9 May 2018 Maritime security is a top regional security agenda as major powers are vying for maritime power expansion. Cooperation on non-traditional maritime security issues such as piracy, illegal fishing, natural disasters and humanitarian relief, search and rescue, and human trafficking would help promote trust and lead to the strengthening of regional … Continue reading Maritime Security: Cambodia’s Take

Cambodia’s challenges in regional integration

The Khmer Times, 19 April 2018 The liberal world economic order is under stress due to economic protectionism and populist politics being practiced in different parts of the world, especially in the US. However, open regional integration in Southeast Asia prevails. As a less developed country in the region, Cambodia has a strong interest in … Continue reading Cambodia’s challenges in regional integration

Japan’s pragmatism in its diplomatic ties with Cambodia

The Khmer Times, April 9, 2018 Unlike the US, the European Union, and some other Western countries, Japan has taken a slightly different approach towards Cambodia when it comes to sensitive issues such as democracy and human rights. Promoting universal values constitute one of the main foreign policy objectives and interests of Japan. However, when … Continue reading Japan’s pragmatism in its diplomatic ties with Cambodia