Cambodia-Vietnam Ties Turn 50

The Khmer Times, 22 June 2017 This year marks 50 years of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and Vietnam. Both countries have organised a series of events to commemorate their time-honoured traditional friendship that is bound by strategic convergence, common vision and shared interests.   Over the past 50 years, the relationship ebbed and flowed with … Continue reading Cambodia-Vietnam Ties Turn 50

ASEAN and a Changing Regional Order

The Khmer Times, 19 June 2017 The international order is under stress, facing high volatility. The world is becoming a multiplex world where state and non-state actors dynamically interact and interplay, while international issues are getting more intertwined and interconnected.   The Asia Pacific region is undergoing a strategic tectonic shift from the US-centric regional … Continue reading ASEAN and a Changing Regional Order

The US Needs ASEAN in Its New Asia Strategy

The Diplomat, 6 June 2017 Now 50 years old, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is today a dynamic actor and a crucial partner in Southeast Asia, a region increasingly important to the world’s prosperity and security. Yet ASEAN member countries are concerned about U.S. commitment in Asia amid changing global geopolitics. The United States … Continue reading The US Needs ASEAN in Its New Asia Strategy

The Political Race in Cambodia

The Khmer Times, 12 June 2017 The local elections on June 4 were a milestone in strengthening the democratic institutions and decentralisation in Cambodia. The elections were smoothly conducted and largely free and fair. Twelve political parties contested 11,572 commune council seats in 1,646 communes across the country. The voter turnout was markedly higher than … Continue reading The Political Race in Cambodia

International Observers Welcome to Monitor Elections

The Khmer Times, 1 June 2017 Democratisation is a never-ending process. There is always room for improvement to strengthen democratic governance to promote people-centred development and ensure equal opportunity and social and economic justice for all. Elections are an important component of democracy. The electoral system in Cambodia has improved steadily after five general elections … Continue reading International Observers Welcome to Monitor Elections

What Cambodia Needs is a Thriving Democracy

The Khmer Times, 29 May 2017 For Cambodia, democracy was hard-earned. Democracy, which is now thriving, is the happy ending after decades of civil war and armed conflict. Cambodians from all walks of life are fully aware of the value of democracy. With a collective, genuine political will to end conflict and tremendous international support … Continue reading What Cambodia Needs is a Thriving Democracy