World Economic Forum on East Asia 2013

  1. It was a great success. There were about 1000 participants from over 50 countries attending the forum.
  2. Myanmar is emerging to be a new destination for foreign direct investment and development assistance. International news and attention on Myanmar have been promoted.
  3. However, Myanmar needs to work much harder to strengthen the institutions and state capacity. More urgently, it needs to address the issue of national reconciliation and peace building with all ethnic groups. In this July, there will be ceasefire agreements with several rebel groups in the country. It is a positive step towards peace building and national reconciliation process.
  4. Inclusive growth and sustainable development are the key directed development trajectory of the country.
  5. Most of the foreign investors are waiting to see the results of the general election in 2015 before making concrete decision to invest in Myanmar. They demand for both hard and soft infrastructure development. Human resources development and capacity are crucial for the future of Myanmar.
  6. On the regional issues in East Asia, the opportunities override risks. ASEAN in the next decade will play more important role in driving economic growth in the East Asian region. However, it needs to overcome certain risks stemming from the increasing connectivity and strategic distrust.
  7. The Philippines will host the 23rd WEF on East Asia in 2014 and Cambodia is considering it in 2015.

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