CPP: 11 points policy

11 Points of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) Policies
To continue the reconstruction safeguard of the nation from 2008-2013, the Cambodian People’s Party has defined the following political points:

1.Develop the 7 January eternal achievements; strengthen the great national solidarity under the united umbrella of the Constitution without any distinction of politics, background, gender, nationality, religion, and social status in order to develop and defend the nation, and strengthen the harmonization of the society.
2.Strengthen and expand the Multi-Party Liberal Democracy regime; support the free and fair elections. Protect and promote all rights of the citizens; uphold the practice of Buddhism, which is the national religion, while giving respect also to other religions. Strengthen the freedom of press; ensure the rights of trade unions, the rights of vocational organizations; promote the role of civil society in partnership for the country development process.
3.Unanimously nominate Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, as the candidate for the post of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia for the fourth legislature of the National Assembly. The CPP adheres to the principle that it forms the Royal Government of Cambodia with the FUNCIPEC party.
4.Strengthen good governance in all state institutions, private sectors, and civil society based on the continuation of pushing the comprehensive and deep state reform to ensure public services with transparency and effectiveness; to ensure anti-corruption, the strengthen of the rule of law, social justice and equity.
5.Strengthen the defense of the country and strong national security to have suitable ability in the safeguard of independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Cambodia; protect peace, stability, security, social orders, and peaceful life of the people. Settle the issues of immigrants, illegal cross-border passing, and violation of laws by foreigners.
6.Continue to push economic development to meet its sustainable growth and to ensure the stability of the macro economy. Develop private sector; encourage local and international investors in order to push the growth of industry, handicrafts, agriculture, agro-industry, finance, banking, commerce, telecommunication, and services; create core jobs and businesses for the people, particularly youth. Urge the investment in petroleum, gas and other mineral ores to benefit socio-economic objectives and to reduce poverty of the people. Diversify commerce; expand the markets of export products and migrant workers. Continue to give priority to the development of physical infrastructures, particularly roads, water supply, electricity, and human resource development which is the key for the development of the nation. Increase salaries to government officials, armed forces, labors, and employees following the growth of the national economy. Make efforts to maintain stable price of the most needed consuming goods of the people.
7.Develop the agricultural sector to becoming a true force for economic strength; ensure food supplies for domestic needs and for the increase of exports. Continue to exempt tax on agricultural land of the farmers who are just for family need, on the means of production, and on the fishing equipments. Strongly urge the development of hydrology, increase the irrigation areas and build ownership in water issue, continue the intervention policy of the government of help farmers. Strengthen the management of the natural resources and environment to meet its sustainability; protect forestry and fishery resources.
8.Distribute with equity the revenues from the economic growth; increase budget for education, health, agriculture and rural development sectors. Strengthen the management, distribution, and use of land with equity and economic effectiveness. Ensure the safety of land property, promote the effectiveness of land market; urge the distribution of concession land to the real needed poor people; continue to de-mine so as to increase de-mined areas for growing crops while preventing land grabbing. Develop youth while urging vocational training, and developing minority groups; increase rescues services to promptly act to help the most vulnerable people. Enhance the rights of women, girls, children, and disable people, prevent violence, women & children trafficking, drug production & trafficking, and control the spread of communicable diseases.
9.Continues to push the development of tourism sector. Develop areas of the ancient temples, natural and tourist resorts. Preserve, protect, and promote national culture and tradition and identity; prevent the flow into the country of negative culture influence.
10.Strengthen and expand the achievements gained by Samdech Akka Moha Thamma Pothisal CHEA SIM, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, and Samdech Akka Moha Ponhea Chakrei HENG SAMRIN, all leaders, members of the Cambodian People’s Party and charitable people. Continue the construction of roads, bridges, hydrology, electricity, clean water, Buddhist temples, schools, and intervention to help victims of disasters-natural or man made.
11.Firmly uphold the policy of international relations, neutrality, pacific co-existence, and non-alignment. Establish friendly relationships and cooperation with all countries through the principles of equality, respect of independence and territorial integrity, and non-interference into each other internal affairs. Strengthen and expand the cooperation with other countries and international partners, and make efforts to integrate into ASEAN to urge socio-economic development. Solve peacefully problems arising in international relations with other countries. Continue to settle border issues with neighboring countries through peace talk on the basis of the National Constitution, national and international laws, and other related documents.

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