Expected Outcomes from the 21st ASEAN Summit and 7th East Asia Summit

21st ASEAN Summit

The ASEAN leaders will exchange views on issues of common concern under the three pillars of the ASEAN Community plus the emerging global and regional issues such as the crisis in the Middle East and Rakhine state in Myanmar.

It is expected that the leaders will agree and adopt the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration, Terms of Reference of the ASEAN Institute for Peace and Reconciliation, ASEAN trafficking in person, concept paper on the establishment of an ASEAN Regional Mine Action Center, concept paper on ASEAN Global dialogue, and chairman’s statement of the 21st ASEAN Summit.

South China Sea issue may be the biggest issue to be discussed and attracted the attention from the mass media.

  7th East Asia Summit

The documents expected to be adopted are: Declaration of the 7th East Asia Summit on Resistance to antimalarial medicines, East Asia Low Carbon growth dialogue partnership, chairman’s statement of the 7th East Asia Summit, and declaration to launch the negotiation the regional comprehensive economic partnership.

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