Self-Critism is the only way out: Announcement of Party Central Committee’s 6th plenum of Vietnam Communist Party

On the main shortcomings, the Politburo and Secretariat failed to prevent and surmount the problems among not a small number of Party officials and members, including those holding leading and managerial positions, even senior officials, which include degradation in political thought, morality and lifestyle, faded belief in ideals, falling into individualism and pragmatism; running after fame, wealth, and position; involving in corruption and waste; and being undisciplined.

On some occasions, a number of Politburo and Secretariat members (both in and out of office) and their families failed to set example in morality and lifestyle, their words did not go with deeds, affecting the prestige of the Party and State agencies and themselves as well as the people’s trust in the Party.

The Politburo and Secretariat failed to focus attention on directing the clarification and the full assessment of the situation in order to take timely and resolute measures to surmount negative phenomena in personnel work such as bargaining for position, power and buying degree. The children of some officials were promoted not on the basis of ability, qualification and performance record, causing discontent among the public.

The Politburo and Secretariat had major shortcomings in directing, inspecting and supervising the organisation of the implementation of the CPVCC’s resolutions and conclusions on SOEs. They lacked thorough understanding and research in the issuance of some decisions (on decentralization of management among key officials of special-grade State economic groups and corporations as well as on the Party organisation model in several State groups and corporations, resulting in difficulties and relaxation of the leading role of the Party in State-owned businesses.

The loose management of State agencies (after abolishing the Law on State-owned Enterprises and the regime of governing ministry and handing over the right of self-control and self-responsibility for businesses), together with the prolongation of the pilot model of State economic groups and delayed review were one of the reasons leading to the ineffective operations and wrongdoings of some State economic groups and corporations, particularly Vinashin and Vinalines, causing great losses and serious multi-faceted consequences as well as greatly affecting the prestige and role of the State-owned economic sector.

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