Legacies of the Late King Father

The death of the late King Father Norodom Sihanouk is a great loss for Cambodians and his friends around the world. His legacies can range from gaining independence from France to national reconciliation, unity, territorial integrity, and development. He communicates with his children and grand children through his open heart. His life is about peace and prosperity for his people.

With respect to his diplomatic skill, he has built long lasting friendship and deep trust with many leaders in the world. His personal relationships with different generation of leadership in many countries particularly with China have built concrete foundation for Cambodia’s foreign policy and diplomacy. His special dedication to China-Cambodia relationship has shaped future direction of Cambodia-China friendship and comprehensive strategic partnership. Both leaders from China and Cambodia reaffirmed their commitment to deepen their bilateral relationship.

It needs a big book volume to describe his legacies. But for short, he is a great Cambodian King with long term vision, dedication, and commitment to develop Cambodia; a peace builder; a great diplomat and negotiator; an individual with a liquid leadership skill; a statesman with pure patriotism; a global citizen; a leader with good heart and wisdom; a royalty with people’s heart; and a person of art and sport.

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