Questions need to be addressed in the post crisis

Hiroshi Watanabe

CEO, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)

October 13, 2012, Tokyo

We need to address these questions especially with regards to post crisis low income Asian countries:

(i)            How to encourage domestic demand?

(ii)          How to assess the market needs and to adjust the production targets?

(iii)         How to sustain regional supply-chain?

(iv)         How to finance the infra-structure investment for both new construction and repair and maintenance?

(v)          How to give a consideration to small countries and bottom billion such as water, food, electricity and education?

(vi)         How to actively assess international and intra-national demand and supply?

(vii)       How to mobilize rich domestic savings toward long-term investment?

(viii)      How to establish the flexibility and stability in foreign exchange?

(ix)         How to rebalance world economy and preserve environment?


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