Towards a Nuclear Free World

As the world is much more integrated and connected so does our security. Security connectivity and multilateralism are the mainstream of international security development and evolution. No one is safe if our neighbors or other regions and countries are unstable and the nuclear weapons are in the hands of those who want to destroy the world and human kind.

Although the world security is getting better and the global and regional institutions have been strengthened to meet the new security challenges, there are remaining security risks especially stemming from nuclear weapons. The world is not a safe place unless we are safe and free from the nuclear weapons. It is an existential threat to our planet and human kind.

There are strong political commitment and some progressive and incremental development of the five nuclear weapons states in curbing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. However, some states are still trying to get nuclear weapons for either nuclear deterrent strategy or national prestige.

How can we reduce the intentions of acquiring nuclear weapons? We need to understand whose security is it? Is it a security of small group of elites or dynasty? Is it a security for the state/nation? Is it security for the general majority people? Until we convert and transform our thinking and calculation of security for what and for whom, then we can work together towards nuclear free world.

Our generation has not gone through and experienced the two World Wars and even the Cold War, but somehow we have learned these experiences from our senior generation. No one wants to witness and experience the tragedy of war and nuclear weapons. But still we don’t know how to effectively address the issue yet.

It is about human perception and values. Reality is based on our perception, the ways we see, understand, interpret, and implement things. As long as we can implant new security mindsets to the future generation that nuclear weapons are not the option for security provision rather it is a destruction of national and world peace.

It is a paradigm shift in security study. We need to train the future generation about the core of security which is “human security”. The people are the core of security. To do that, we need to allow the people to participate in decision-making process and be a stakeholder and partner in implementing security policy.

Security sector reform and security sector governance with democratic participation and oversight from the people/civilians are necessary for world peace and stability. Rule of law, transparency, and accountability are fundamental to security policy.

We should free ourselves from the systems that constraint us from participating and sharing our concerns and voices, free ourselves from the old security mindset, only then we can free ourselves from nuclear weapons.

The new generation wishes to build the world without nuclear weapons. They are the key architects and shapers of their world. They are responsible to take actions from now to build or even transform their own world to be a better place. So please lets them learn and share more.

We urge the global leaders to design and implement their security policy based on human value and civilization. Human security should be the core of international security cooperation. We need to integrate cooperation, peace, development, inclusiveness, and connectivity to be part of our foreign and security policies.

We urge the global leaders to seriously implement the roadmap to reduce nuclear weapons and ultimately realize a nuclear free world. We need not only words but also concrete actions. Global and regional institutional strengthening, global-regional institutional partnerships, military-civilians relations, state-human security integration, and security connectivity are important steps towards a nuclear free world. By acceding to the existing international treaties such as the Non-Proliferation Treaty, Counter Test Ban Treaty, and regional treaties of Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, it contribute to building international norms and collective willingness and commitment to build our world safe and free from nuclear weapons.

Human resources development for the new security mindset and value should be further strengthened. Security connectivity based on our common security value can be constructed. Young leaders’ forum on creating human network for new security and security connectivity is necessary.

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