8 principles for unofficial diplomatic track

How To Succeed in Track Two Diplomacy?

1. Require recognized competence in a specialized field
2. Depend upon the prominence of the private individuals involved
3. Depends upon contacts that private-citizen participants have gained from previous government service and personal associations
4. Requires a clear statement of intent
5. Requires maintenance of a private and confidential setting
6. Depends on the ability to build and demonstrate both constituency and general public support for alternative approaches to policy
7. Depends upon the ability to create an environment of accommodation in which perceptions become malleable, contacts are made between nations at many levels, and participants become aware of inherited premises and cultural differences
8. Requires dedication, sophistication, and perseverance

Source: Lawrence T. Woods (1995). Learning from NGO proponents of Asia-Pacific regionalism: Success and its lessons. Asian Survey 35(9): 812-27

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