8 Targeted Objectives for the upcoming 6th ADMM

The theme of the Sixth ADMM this year is “enhancing ASEAN unity for a harmonized and secure community”.  Under this theme, the Ministry of the National Defense attempts to achieve eight points.

1. Continue to implement the original philosophy of establishing the ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting (ADMM) with the objective to realize the ASEAN Political Security Community.

2. Work hard with ASEAN member states and dialogue partners to ensure concrete achievements in important areas as identified in the second “ADMM Three Years Working Plan 2011-2013”.

3. Encourage the efforts aiming at fulfilling the requirements of the ASEAN Political Security Community Blueprints (APSC Blueprints).

4. Accelerate practical security cooperation under the framework of ADMM within the spirit of solidarity and transparency.

5. Facilitate dialogues on defense, security, and other regional issues, among the ADMM members together with security partners in order to enhance relations, cooperation, and partnership.

6. Accelerate the implementation of the concept papers, work plan, and the reports producing by the Expert Working Group (EWG).

7. Effectively support and ensure the success of the 20th ASEAN Summit.

8. Demonstrate the prestige, competence, and the ability of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces in ensuring harmonious security cooperation at both regional and global levels.

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