UDT Asia

According to Dr. Megumi Hirota, Head of Research Office of SAMPA Kogyo K.K., US has changed its policy from counter terrorism to maintaining maritime order, free accessibility to maritime commons. Japan has enough potential to contribute to the Asia pacific region in this area.

Rear admiral Suriya Pornsuriya, Royal Thai Navy, stated that RTN is trying to acquire more submarines in two phases. The first phase, developing knowledge and expertise and the second phase is the development of capacities.
He said that the rights and sovereignty on maritime territory including the safety and freedom of navigation are common maritime interests of every nation. Initiatives and cooperation should be expanded from existing framework to cover issues of water space management and submarine safety.

Rear Admiral Christ Parry, UK MOD said China had three prioritized strategic interests in its back yard namely sovereignty, security and economic development. China needs a cooperative balance to ensure international system is preserved.

He stated that the current regional security structure/system driven by ASEAN is not flexible enough to cope with conflict/dispute.

First Admiral Maritime Che Hassan Bin Jusoh, director of Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, said that China has no intention to dominate the region. US on the other hand tries to dominate the region. US’s domination creates problem and insecurity.

(UDT ASIA in Singapore on December 1, 2011)

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