Key security questions need to be addressed

At the General CSCAP Conference in Hanoi on 21-22 November, 2011, The Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam, H.E. Nguyen Thien Nhan stated that we should squarely acknowledge that the Asia-Pacific region still lacks appropriate cooperative mechanisms to effectively cope with emerging security challenges. The key questions we should ask, he said, were:

1. To what extent have the existing cooperation mechanisms been effective? How to further improve these mechanism to better meet the demands of security cooperation?

2. How should we maintain and promote the newly formed regional security architecture? What are the impacts of the new developments on handling the dangers and dillemas that the region is facing?

3. What measures are needed to strengthen confidence among the countries in the region so that all parties will participate in the cooperation process in an open and forward manner?

4. How should we build regional mechanisms to promote mutual understanding; and to promote the harmonization of national interests and those of the regional community?

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